Sometimes we are surprised by the behaviors of those looking out for themselves, and then again sometimes we can be surprised by the behaviors of those who go above and beyond for others. Those are the circumstances where real love has no bounds. "I've covered half of my life! But this is clear to me--that you learn that you know nothing--as you grow older. When people think they are wiser? You are only wiser when you know how much more you have to learn." But guess what?...the clock is still clicking! 

I see my daughters more and more like my friends, as they grow older and I grow older, and that's a really good feeling. The beauty of families is that they will be celebrating when you do good and they will be supporting you even more when you don't. And they don't need to be blood family, because with some people, the connection is so strong that they're the people that you know you will count on."

Author Angela M. Thomas CPC