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This book do deserve to be before not only children but adults as well! A problem must be acknowledge if it is to be solved. The reality of violence…decision making, nonviolent action strategies and tactics, support and empowerment.



Ordinary can be so painful when you were born to be extraordinary!


You can’t treat what you don’t see or feel.” That’s why I released the “Naked Soul” in hopes of helping so many others that’s suffering within their hearts and souls and living in isolation without any supportive relationships.  I’ve learned that when we are wounded and hurting inside, anger swells—an this anger is appropriate. But we need to find a way to get past it, and the best way to do so is to first own it and validate it. Remember what’s bottled up inside will eventually show up and possibly explode.


A T-Shirt Promoting Nonviolence! Yes, I Want To Live! Be the Change![/caption]

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Don’t Short Change Yourself…If you want change, then you have to invest in yourself.

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