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We believe that every child deserves a chance to live a full, long life; one that isn’t interrupted or ended through violence. Our main GOAL is to help children develop resilience, and we provide them with all the tools they will need to become competent, productive adult members of society



To inspire youth in under-resourced communities to achieve academic and personal excellence and mentor and train youth to make positive decisions when dealing with issues of violence.


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1. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to dream of and create a life beyond their current circumstances and a chance to live a full, long life; one that isn’t interrupted or ended through violence.

2. Breaking the cycle of apathy and violence in a young person’s life can happen with the right nurturing, love, safety, and structure.

3. We value and model positive, healthy relationships and good communications, because youth who know they are safe and supported, can soar to their full potential.

4. We know firsthand the power of choosing to break through the unproductive cycles and loneliness we grew up with. We created RU4C to ensure that every youth has access to the support, skills, and a strong foundation they need to move past limitations and live their successful lives.


Rise Up 4 Change, Inc. is grounded with the purpose of preventing violence and delinquency while promoting self-sufficiency. We teach them positive youth development, social-emotional learning, health and wellness, workforce development, family strengthening, financial literacy and goal settings. 


Help a young leader reach their full potential today! Your gift provides youth with a caring mentor in their life. Giving is caring. We are more than an after-school program: we are part of the fabric of our community. We believe success is better together!

Rise up 4 Change, Inc.

We strive to engage, connect, and restore one heart at a time.
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There is no better way to understand homelessness than listening to the children and youth who have been through it – or who are still going through it.

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Build Beautiful Websites


As an organization with over 45 years of law-enforcement and juvenile delinquency background experience, we at Rise Up 4 Change Program is familiar with teenage vulnerability to violence.

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Build Beautiful Websites


We’re fully committed to teaching life skills and empowering youth to achieve success, resist violence and stay off drugs and stay in school. Drug prevention techniques, peer pressure and gang resistance skills are learned in our workshops. Our mentoring program provides youth with a safe space to build healthy and positive relationships. Our youth learn valuable Lifelong skills that can never be taken away. These programs make the difference in the lives of these children.

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05 June 2020
​I looked in the mirror. I saw not just a face but a reflection of my past, trials laced with mistakes. I saw one space collecting all of my fears. I saw tears held back, I-love-yo...
27 March 2020
Saying thanks and gestures of thanks are expressions of our love or kind thoughts about an individual. Whenever we give even a small gift, the saying is true that "it's the thou...
29 March 2020
Such as a time as this, we must remember together we're stronger. You are a hero and this is why: you rise another time to help and to heal. You haven't given up in life, despit...
03 May 2020
SHE Just Let It All Go I'll let the poem speak for itself. I hope that it resonates with you and your heart as well. She woke up and she let it all go. She found herse...
14 August 2020
 Sooner or later, we must distinguish between what we are, not what we would like to be. The beauty is that there is always something new to discover. Imagine how sad it would be if there wasn't....

Client and community testimonials

I highly recommend Fred and Angela as they have shown extreme resourcefulness and also connecting with youth to achieve optimum success
One of the most difficult groups to work with is teenagers. Rise Up 4 Change stepped up to the plate, combining their passion for helping at-risk youth with their immeasurable skills at mentoring, tutoring, and engaging the community … the program has provided a safe haven and helps at-risk youth.
Since 2014, Rise Up for Change has been an amazing contributor and supporter of our work … providing tutoring and mentoring and critical workshops to improve social and emotional well-being.
The Rise Up for Change program is successfully making a difference in the learning and overall lives of our children


Student Participant Testimonials

I honestly love this class, great teachers who encourage me to do better.

They have really pushed me to learn about life. I‘ve learned so many things that I wouldn’t have learned in school.

Amazing class! I learned a lot. Even though this class was mandatory it never felt like it because you all were so fun and engaging. Thank you for everything. I really mean it! The instructors are so upbeat and always bring positive attitudes.

They taught me so much in this program from drugs to proper ways to communicate basically, I know how to live life on the right track and hold my head high and I thank them for that.