Growing Up is Hard. We Can Help

We want to help. We can provide your teen with that safe, quiet, respectful space to learn about themselves, express their confusion, and find solutions. Through advocacy and education, we hope more youth can live more peaceful and fulfilling lives. All youth are "equal" in importance, meaning, value, and worth without exception.

There is no better way to understand homelessness than listening to the children and youth who have been through it–or who are still going through it. We listen to them and respect their differences. One of the things teens need most at this time and age is a safe, non-judgmental space where they can express themselves completely and receive respect and support. We learn from one another and build nurturing relationships that last a lifetime. We don’t judge them and we see their potential and encourage them to reach out and rise above their challenges, current situations and obstacles. We’re providing services to all children throughout Miami-Dade County. No child will be turned away because all lives matter.

Growing up can be hard. Adolescents really do have a lot on their plates these days. Teen social anxiety is at an all-time high. Teens struggle to fit in with their peers. At the same time, they're trying to figure out their own identities. The staff at “Rise Up 4 Change” made a personal commitment and understands that all youth need help–no matter where they happen to be staying! We hope to help over one million at risk/homeless children, disadvantaged, low-income and high crime area youth and their families lead safer, healthier lives and have a better chance for a brighter future.


We’re not giving up on our young people! Our program services for youth are free of charge. We depend on people like you to keep our vital programs which help our children flourish as they grow. You can make a single donation or increase the impact you make with a monthly donation. We appreciate your support!