Anti-violence Prevention

The Rise Up 4 Change Evidence-Based Curriculum consist of (Gilbert J. Botvin, Ph.D. “LIFE SKILLS TRAINING”, IN TOUCH WITH TEENS, A Relationship Violence Prevention Curriculum for youth and "SEEKING SAFETY" PTSD and Substance Abuse. “TOO GOOD FOR VIOLENCE” Social Perspectives) offering and workshops facilitate conversations with youth on the causes of and possible solutions to the complex issue of gun violence that’s taking the lives of our youth. ”Peace Over Violence” Curriculum requires a total of 120 hours to receive a certificate of completion.   

  • To prevent youth in general from resorting to acts of violence, coercion, and/ or abuse in order to dominate and control others.
  • To re-educate those youth who already begun to exhibit the effects of violence within their own interpersonal relationships, school and home.
  • To build skills around knowledge, ability, and self-agency (the ability to govern one’s own actions and reactions.
  • For more information about the services available to families, schools, organizations, or individual referrals to young people in need of trainings, please contact CEO/Founder Angela M. Thomas 305-793-1347 0r President Frederick A. Thomas 305-793-1566 for more information.


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