Thank you

Saying thanks and gestures of thanks are expressions of our love or kind thoughts about an individual. Whenever we give even a small gift, the saying is true that "it's the thought that counts. "I thank you." We can never truly wear out that phrase. It should truly be on the tip of our tongue if we are truly grateful to others who help us each day.
I've learned in life, when we think of others much less fortunate and even help that person, we would feel much more grateful for our own condition. When we do a kindness for another person we can much better appreciate and be thankful to those who do us a kindness.

I believe in a daily attitude of thankfulness, of expressing thanks for even the smallest favor or consideration, of thanking God in prayer, and of showing my gratitude by sharing His abundance. I believe thankfulness is so powerful and one of the keys to a more kind, loving and positive society. Did I tell you how thankful I am just for you stopping by to read my blog? Thank you! 

Keeping Hope Alive


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Sunday, 16 June 2024
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