How Can I Not Offer to Help Them Out?


Around the time the stay-at-home order was enacted here in Miami, a teenager told me that her family was short on essentials and toilet paper. I had bought some the day before for my household and said, "I'll share what I have just provide me your home address and I will drop them off the next morning. I would've never expected that this family was in need of food as well. I was in route and received a text that they didn't have food for everyone in the household. I've never received a request like this before, but we've never experienced a pandemic.

Most of the youth that I work with in the program and I check on are doing pretty well. It's my personality to reach out and make sure all is well with them.I was raised this way. I decided it was my responsibility to reach out and help this family in a time of need.The kids in the program know how much I care about them and I'm always just a phone call away. I stepped up and provided them with the needed resources to have food for all of their family in the household without a second thought. How can I not offer to help them out in a time of need?

Some of them have family members who live hours away. Some of them have family members enduring the same struggles and not able to help them out., so I empathize with their situations .I've always loved my job working with the youth and teaching them Life Skills, Social Emotional Learning, Etiquette Skills, Character Building and Anti-Violence Skills etc. Over the years, I've witnessed how valuable it is to be a part of their lives and future. I'm grateful that God has provided me this platform to reach back and teach one. I enjoy interacting with people.

I'm certain there are many others that will go out of their way to help those in dire need.The youth in the program and families know that they can trust me to do what I've promised. I retired from Miami-Dade Corrections over fourteen years ago. A lot of my family members tell me I can't truly retire because I love helping others so much. I tell them I will, one day eventually. But right now I know without a doubt that God is not finished with me just yet.

Author Angela M. Thomas 

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Tuesday, 21 May 2024
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