​I looked in the mirror

I looked in the mirror. I saw not just a face but a reflection of my past, trials laced with mistakes. I saw one space collecting all of my fears. I saw tears held back, I-love-you's held back too. How many years have I not known my self?

As long as it's taken to get back to you, I would retrace every step just so I could be here to say I love you. Because now I know the truth: love runs deep in the veins of the universe. Love is my name, and I'll not soon forget who I see when I catch my reflection gazing back at me.

You are a hero and this is why: you rise another time to help and to heal. You bring home into places. You bring hope into conversations. The sunlight in your heart travels far and this world is brighter because of you.

You are a hero and this is how I know: your light will never fade from my life. Your courage has become my own. The sun still rises in my heart because of you.

"How did you make it back?" he asked. She said she always found her way eventually, even when it was too dark to see, when stars grew timid and memory weak.

"I follow my heart." She said it lights the way. Through pain and thunder and those few things that bring you to your knees. Even then, it knows the way home. Especially then.

Let Us Talk About Self-Love
Never forget how valuable you are, how far you've ...


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Monday, 22 April 2024
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