Quiet Time Is Good For The Soul

We are all worthy and deserving of love. I have reached a place where I have come to really enjoy writing. Writing is therapeutic. It allows us to see what is holding us back and what is taking up too much space. It is exactly 4:00 a.m. in the morning, my favorite time of the day. I am in complete solitude. There is something rejuvenating and peaceful about being alone and having some time to reflect, work, or simply enjoy the quiet. Spending a little quiet time to yourself is a vital part of life. It helps to balance the noise and confusion that infiltrate much of the day.

There are wonders in each moment, just waiting for you to be present and recognize them. When you pay close attention to each moment, you can start to see the small wonders of life. Maybe if you pay close attention, it feels good just to breathe. With mindfulness, you can breathe in and enjoy, then breathe out and let go. Each breath heralds a new moment—and, perhaps, something new to enjoy. You can practice mindfulness in this way anytime, no matter where you are. Over the next few days, pay attention to the small pleasant moments in your life. When you notice a pleasant moment, smile, and allow a pleasant emotion like happiness or gratitude to arise.

CEO/Founder Angela M. Thomas
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Sunday, 16 June 2024
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