Tollbooths, Unexpected Changes,or Roadblocks

In life, some challenges require us to Rise to the occasion. Many are unavoidable. Of course, safety more important than anything right now. The new normal will become either Tollbooths we progress through or roadblocks. What will you choose?

As we move through various stages of our lives, we reach junctions—points of transition—where we must shift gears and change lanes or reposition. Suddenly, we realize we have to pay a price to proceed in our lives. It's similar to a tollbooth. I'm sure we all can agree that things will never be the same way again since the Coronavirus.

It's at these moments that we discover that Change is inevitable and we can allow it to hinder us or we can find ways to rise above it. It's not easy to always do what's hard...but I believe that survivor mode takes over and everything changes.

This new normal has become a roadblock. The good news is —it doesn't have to be this way. You can still leap forward, by being creative and don't allow fear, weakness and hopelessness to die. Don't allow this to stop your ambition—allow your strength, perseverance, hope and courage to be born.

You get to decide how you will travel during this time. In short, you may not get to choose where you go, but you get to choose how you'll travel. You can decide to engage your challenges with anticipation and passion, to fully commit to a goal you have set for yourself, to compete with your past and make positive improvements, to overcome the setbacks you've faced, and to enjoy and appreciate your new normal and journey along the way.

Don't get too comfortable sitting and feeling sorry for yourself and what's happening around the world. You must find a way to shake it off and know that you can overcome the challenges we all face during this time. In short, we've all come to a place of comfortable but it's time for a shift to pursue what is compelling. Are you willing and with me?

Please share with me what's the #1 "roadblock" that you're facing right now in your life?

What's the price you're paying and what's needed to lighten the load? 

What The World Needs Now
This Too Shall Pass


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Sunday, 16 June 2024
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