You live, and if you open yourself up to the world, you learn


I'm certain this is nothing new to those that have traveled the world to find meaning and purpose. I honestly believe in life we reach a place where we're faced with some hard truths about ourselves and our lives. I instantly remember wrecking my brain, and searching my soul, sitting up in the late hours of the night, and waking up in the early hours in the morning, all to figure out that the things that truly matter in life is joy, happiness, connection, gratitude, love and doing all the things that truly matters to you. Of course, everyone is not going to agree with your choices in life, but it's your life. 

I've struggled with many things in life concerning my past decisions, relationships, and not fully trusting myself to make decisions of my own. I've learned that every day presents an opportunity for new beginnings. It's not healthy to dwell in the past. I've learned to kick off my stilettos,remove my makeup, take off my suit and sing and dance as if no one is watching. I've learned to live free of regrets and fill my life with as much joy, happiness, fun and love that I can stand. I refuse to live in the shadows of regret, fear and self-doubt. I have the choice to live my life each and every moment that presents itself ---because this moment is about to be over. I've decided to make every day count!

Author Angela M. Thomas CPC 

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Sunday, 16 June 2024
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